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Welcome to Don's Official Music Portfolio.

Don grew up in a musical family. Music was an integral part of life and performing live a regular activity. He developed a great love for music. His Dad an accomplished pianist, church pipe organist and choir director provided exposure to the music of Bach, Beethoven, Chopin and Schumann. His Mom a visual artist loved Jamaican mento, ska, jazz, island folk songs and classical. He was instructed on the electric bass and encouraged by his older brother a guitarist with a great passion for music. Early musical experiences included church and community performances with the family musical ensemble and performing in the high school band founded by his brother. Don then worked professionally in Kingston Jamaica playing the dance and show band circuit. This provided opportunities to play for some major artists on stage and in recording sessions. In 1984 his sister assisted in securing a loan to purchase a Roland JX-3P Synth, TB-303 Bassline and TR-606 Rhythm programmer. This was the start of his journey with electronic synthesizers and MIDI sequencing. Don studied Audio Engineering and Music Performance in Piano, Voice and String Bass at San Jacinto College in Pasadena Texas. He performed with the College Jazz Band and sang in the Choir. He  worked as an assistant recording engineer in the College's state of the art recording studio. Don earned an outstanding Jazz Musician Award in 2015 at The Gulf Coast Intercollegiate Jazz Festival. Don attended the University of Houston where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Engineering Technology. He has successfully completed many Network Engineering Design Projects in the Energy Industry. Don's musical Influences include Harry Belafonte, Lee Perry,

Bob Marley, Don Drummond, Louise Bennett, Ahmad Jamal, Miles Davis, Stevie Wonder, Oscar Peterson, Stanley Clark, Santana, Bill Evans and Chopin. Don has toured, recorded and collaborated with many artists and musicians internationally. (see credits) His latest project includes arranging, producing and recording original songs and instrumentals composed over the past twenty years.


In this portfolio you'll find a unique collection of original songs, lyrics and instrumental compositions from his music catalog. A Lifelong Love and Passion for Music keeps him highly motivated. His interpretation of life and his love for humanity shine through these melodies, lyrics, musical arrangements and recorded performances. Don's artistic Vision is constantly growing and expanding to find new expression in blending genres and musical styles. Among this collection you will be sure to find something that resonates with you. Please enjoy your visit and return soon to explore new additions to this catalog.

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