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Songs and  compositions in this catalog will work well to enhance the emotional impact and add value to your next Advertising, Film, TV or Sync Media Project. Explore this all original music catalog for a great listening experience. Select from Upbeat Instrumentals, Reggae Vocal and Instrumental, Island Singer-Songwriter, World-Ethnic compositions and Island Folk Style Songs. Lyrics are Positive, Clean and Cleverly-Crafted. The Light Hearted Romantic Songs have Memorable Melodies. Energetic Fresh Sounding Rhythms are Upbeat. All compositions are Intricately Arranged and Performed with Passion, Emotion and Expressiveness. The Colorful Blend of Acoustic and Electronic Instruments compliment High Quality Virtual Sounds thereby producing well Balanced Recordings,


This team is very professional, highly motivated and eager to assist. We look forward to connecting with you to explore how we may be of value in achieving your goals for sync placements and licensing opportunities with Record Companies, Publishers or Film - TV Music Placements. We provide One-Stop licensing clearance for Publishing and Master Recordings.

[Music Sub Categories]
IJM     - Island Jazz Fusion Instrumental
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